Early conceptual drawing done by Bud Holomon, inspiring future designs and creativity on the Old Birmingham Highway site

Form, Function and Landscape Design

"Very seldom do park development teams see so many resources in place that enable excellent interpretation and visitor experience.

The Freedom Riders sites in and around Anniston are remarkable in their potential power—authentic structures, preserved landscapes, an array of candid and dramatic photographs, live recordings, living participants, living eyewitnesses, strong potential for artifact recovery and authentic props, and experience zones that elicit a powerful sense of place.

All of this, and a series of events not well known, but foundational in American Civil Rights history. It is also significant to note that the desire to preserve these sites and to bring forward their story comes from a community largely committed to racial equality and reconciliation."

May 3, 2016 - A statement from David Guiney, retired National Park Service planner, Harpers Ferry, WV.